Experimental nuclear reactor in France

Under construction

Single-layer bellows made of 304L, welded on 304L forged welding ends.

Circular welding, 100% X-ray compatible.

Manufactured in accordance with the specifications intended to comply with nuclear requirements .

Expansion joint designed for the city of Paris.

At the power station exit. ​

ND 950 - 5510 mm in length.

Operating conditions: 20 bar. 250 d°

Axial movement: +/- 290 mm

Bellows made of incoloy, thick single-layer, with circular welding .

District heating in France 

December 2017

LNG carrier in South Korea

Under construction

Expansion joint for a membrane-type LNG carrier, equipped with :

  • Double-layer bellows: 316L / inconel 625

  • Stainless steel 316L elbow joint

Operates at -140°C / +80°C.

Test under a pressure of 15 bar.

Approved and inspected by a certification body.

Refinery in Qatar

December 2017

DN 2500 expansion joint for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit.

Bellows made of Inconel 625 LCF, with outer insulating cover made of braided fibreglass.