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In the nuclear energy domain in particular, safety is a constant worry during the design and manufacturing stages. This aspect has become even more important since the Fukushima disaster.

In addition to more restrictive codes and standards than those generally used for pressurised devices (RCC-M, ESPN, etc.), this sector is also characterised by an enhanced quality monitoring (multiplication of non-destructive inspections in the presence of clients/ or notified bodies, traceability, etc.).

SFZ regularly supplies the entire nuclear sector, from the conversion of uranium into uranium hexafluoride (UF6) all the way to the steam turbine of the conventional island, including the enrichment of uranium 235.

  • ND 250 to 400 made of Monel 400

  • Defluorination furnaces: ND 900 made of Inconel 625

  • ND 700 for the fuel transfer line

  • ND 250 to 1750 for passages through chambers

  • Anti-seismic jacks

  • ND 1650 for spent fuel pool 

  • ND 700 to 2000    for connections between the HP and LP turbines

SFZ also provides a wide range of expansion joints for:

  • the steam and gas turbines of conventional electric power plants.

  • the electricity transmission and distribution installations, especially as regards the SF6 gas-isolated switchgear.

Even since its inception, SFZ has contributed to the development of France's nuclear plants.

Nuclear activity became a major activity of SFZ in the 1980s. This enabled SFZ to develop experience and an exceptional quality culture since then.

All 58 reactors of France's nuclear plants are equipped with SFZ expansion joints, as are the new ERP reactors currently being constructed in France, Finland and China.