Non-destructive inspections are performed as per the specifications and in accordance with the requirements of the construction codes.


Depending on the degree of complexity of the project and the client's requirements, a quality plan with special monitoring may be implemented.

Inspection equipment:

  • 1 X-ray generator 300 Kv 6 mA (managed by                   )

  • 3 helium test devices (capacity 2.10-10 mbar.l / sec)

  • 1 200T hydraulic press for pressure tests

  • 2 dye penetrant test benches

  • 1 portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (PMI)​



The tests performed in our inspection workshop are as follow:

  • Hydraulic tests

  • Dye penetrant test (PT inspectors level 2 EN 473/ISO 97-12)

  • Helium leak tests

  • Air leak tests (soap bubbles)

  • X-ray examination (this activity is subcontracted, but is executed on site)

  • Visual and dimensional examinations

  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)

Other tests can be performed thanks to our specialised partners who are located nearby (laboratories


              ,                         , ...):

  • Hardness tests

  • Magnetic particle testing

  • Ultrasonic tests

  • Metallurgical analysis (micrographic examination, macrographic examination, etc.)

  • Mechanical tests (tensile tests, impact tests, etc.)

  • Cycling tests 


Tracabeality is ensured throughout the duration of the manufacturing process, right from the cutting of the raw material -grade, heat number, etc.) to the finished product (ID plate, label), also including the traceability of the X-rays by a system of metal washers (isofar as it is not allowed to engrave on thin bellows).


It guarantees a perfect management of the operational process transcribed in one manufacturer's file per device.

For more sensitive projects, we rae able to perform additional PMI inspections (Postive Material Identification) with our own controllers .