Chemical and petrochemical applications are among the most demanding ones, and are symbolic of SFZ's specialisation. The following solutions are offered:

  • insulation cassettes to protect bellows from high temperatures

  • use of refractory and abrasion-resistant concrete

  • use of noble materials such as Inconel 625 LCF

  • double-layer bellows with leak detection system

  • bellows manufactured by hydroforming, the preferred process among most operators


SFZ offers a special toroidal-bellows profile, which has placed it at the top of the class as regards high-pressure heat exchangers.

This bellows shape is more efficient than conventional "U" convolutions, since there is no bending stress in the flanks.

The lower convolutions height also enables limiting the pressure thrust that applies to the tubular plates of the exchanger.

Ever since its inception in the 1960s, SFZ has equipped the refineries and chemical companies in the region of Lyon. Since then, SFZ has achieved an international reach and now works with chemical and petrochemical sites across teh globe.


SFZ's ability to meet specific requirements has helped it win the trust of operators as well as licensors.

SFZ is especially one of the manufacturers recommended by an American licensor, a leader in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process.

The sector of chemical and petrochemical industries is especially stringent in matters of service conditions and regulations. The pipes ​are particularly exposed to corrosive environments and high temperatures.


In the particular case of pressurised devices (heat exchangers, etc.), the expansion joints can also be subjected to considerably higher operating pressures (greater than 100 bar), which implies stricter regulations that have to be applied, such as:



  • PED Category IV, Module H1 or G, with different construction codes :

    • ASME VIII​

    • EN 13445

    • AD 2000

    • CODAP 2015