International designer and manufacturer of customised expansion joints


Since 1962, SFZ has been active in the design and manufacturing of metal expansion joints. ISO 9001:2015 certified, SFZ is an expert in the application of international regulations and calculation codes and offers its expansion joints tailored to the specifications of clients, by creating its bellows using the hydroforming technique.

The technical solution tailored to your needs

Our industrial sectors

A pioneer in the production of expansion joints, SFZ currently maintains a leading position in various industrial domains.

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Image credits: The Provalys LNG carrier © Aker Yards - Yves Guillotin


Customised expertise and know-how

Our products

We manufacture all kinds of circular expanson joints.

They can be:

  • axial

  • universal

  • hinged

  • gimbal

  • tie-rods

  • pressure balanced

Our expansion joints are manufactured using different materials:

  • stainless steel

  • nickel alloys

  • aluminium

  • duplex ...

They are equipped with single or multi-layer bellows. 

They are manufactured in compliance with the regulations and welding requirements.

The range of our products varies between:

  • ND 50 mm and ND 5000 mm 

  • thickness from 0.3 mm to 5 mm   

  • operating temperature between -200°C and +1200°C

  • operating pressure from vacuum to more than 100 Bar.

Our engineering department designs your expansion joints based on your requirements, in accordance with the calculation codes.


Our control and Quality System

SFZ designs and creates your projects while maintaining a meticulous control:

  • of the production

  • of the traceability

We process a quality asurance system that:

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • CE (Quality assurance modules   H and H1)

  • ASME « U » Stamp

Our expertise is recognised by the major international notified bodies:



Experimental nuclear reactor 

in France

Single-layer bellows made of 304L, with circular welding.

District heating

 in France

ND 950 expansion joint -

5510 mm in length.


in Qatar

ND 2500 expansion joint with outer insulating cover.








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